Mediation is voluntary and means both parties must be willing to meet to attempt to work through all required issues. Mediation is successful with more than 90% of all couples.

We have 4 office locations; including Waltham, Marlborough, Attleboro, and Hingham. Please click here for a full directory.

We normally require a reasonable retainer. We will work with you on cost based upon your gross, yearly income. Final payment is expected upon the completion of all paper work.

We will calculate your child support payment.  Mediation makes it possible to make sure the child support payment works for both parties and meets Court requirements.

The alimony law will be explained in detail. Whether alimony is called for is discussed with the mediator. Alimony may be waived, in certain cases, by mutual consent or by “buying out” alimony interests with other assets; many cases do not require any alimony.

Yes, we offer a very reasonable “flat fee rate” mediation which includes all Court filings and in-person or zoom mediation.

Yes, normally depending upon the plan. Some plans do not allow post–divorce coverage of the other spouse.

No, mediation can work out a plan wherein both spouses remain co-owners.