We offer an online divorce mediation option. This means mediation by video chat such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime. These are free services using your computer or smartphone. A 3-way telephone conference meeting is also an option. These online mediation services are optional and totally up to you, the couple. Of course, both spouses must agree.

Online mediation saves travel time and may reduce the tension involved when spouses meet in-person with the mediator. Of course, this also conforms to social distancing measures. Online mediation helps move cases forward, even when Court is closed. Online mediation is also conducted 7 days per week. It is available throughout Massachusetts. One spouse may even be out of state (or the country) during the online meeting.

Our attorney specializes strictly in divorce mediation. Our attorney has 30 years-experience and has successfully mediated 1200+ divorces throughout Massachusetts. This online meeting would be conducted by our attorney/mediator just like an in-person meeting. You will both be well prepared in advance by email and/or phone to make you comfortable with the video or teleconference process.

Meeting online is simple and we all always meet together. You will be emailed a confidential link for the online meeting in advance. You will both know when and what time.

Of course, it is not for everyone. Those who are not comfortable certainly can meet in person.

Contact us to get started with online mediation. Please call us at 781-236-2082; please email us at attorney@mdmg.net

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